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A&M Remediation

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A&M Remediation

Sudbury, Ontario Canada

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Paul Thususka

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Company Description

A&M Remediation is a multi-trade mining contractor specializing in Underground Waste Management and plant/facility maintenance service. While the signature focus for A&M is the Underground Waste Management piece, they have evolved their service profile. This includes mine-wide disinfection protocols, enhancing the safety of their clients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Client Profitability, Improved Safety Performance and Environmental Leadership are the three pillars of A&M Remediation’s business. That is why the focus remains, daily, to provide outstanding quality of work, safely, while minimizing the harmful environmental effects resulting from both underground and surface mining operations.  
Stand out KPI’s include:
– reduction of actual waste volume to landfill by 94% 
– over 100,000 litres of waste oil from entering the waste stream, and ultimately groundwater sources
– 97% capture rate of waste materials (industrial and domestic)
– 75% of waste produced by clients is recycled or reused
– 17 – 30% increase in shaft delivery efficiency
– 24:1 haulage rate on-ramp of waste material


Additional services include mould remediation, compliance reporting, dust suppression, logistical support.


For more information visit amremediation.com