Automation / Software

Smart technology that optimizes mine production and mineral processing through real-time information available to surface including ventilation on demand, telerobotic, communication systems, autonomous vehicle operation, personnel, and equipment monitoring.

Battery Electric Vehicles

One of the most innovative and environmental responsible changes to underground mining is the introduction of battery-powered underground equipment. MineConnect members lead the development of electrification and are pioneers in the industry. Removing the diesel particulates, reducing heat and noise has revolutionized the mining industry.


Blasting entails all of the related equipment required to blast hard rock including drilling equipment/rigs and consumables such as drill bits, explosives and all other related components to detonate a charge.

Bulk Handling Equipment

This category is centered on the manufacturing of equipment used for the handling both dry and saturated materials including stationary machinery such as conveyor belts to mobile equipment such as loaders.

Consulting Services

Encompasses all of the support services necessary to properly engineer a mine site and mineral processing facilities including engineering, procurement, construction, and management firms.


Includes all of the services required to ensure mining is conducted in an environmentally sound and responsible way as not to impact current or future ecosystems.

Fixed Mining Equipment

This category includes equipment necessary for optimum mine production that is a permanent fixture within the mine site including rock breakers, crushers, mineral processing equipment and conveying systems.

Health and Safety

All personnel protective equipment, training and detection systems necessary to ensure the employees are held out of harm's way in all mining applications including equipment operators and miners.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication entails a manufacturer that takes raw flat steel and based on engineering drawings manufactures it into components necessary for building mines and all related infrastructure.

Mine Contractors

Includes firms that specialize in constructing/developing mines and all related infrastructure through a turnkey approach or by being contracted to undertake specific developments from shaft sinking, head frame constructing, raise boring and drift development.

Mobile Mining Equipment

All self-propelled equipment either on wheels or tracks that can be moved throughout the mine site either surface or underground including jumbo drills, scoops, scissor lifts, bolters, cement trucks, loaders, and personnel movers.


All components required to ensure mine personnel have the ventilation necessary for a safe and productive working environment including ventilation on demand systems, air quality monitoring, chillers, fans, and ductwork.

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  • January 17, 2022  |  Member Story

    Sudbury’s Schuster Boyd McDonald acquires Canadian Injury Management Services

    We are excited to officially share the news about the recent acquisition of Canadian Injury Management Services by Schuster Boyd McDonald (SBM) and The JDB Group. Located in the North, Canadian Injury Management Services (CIMS) has been in operation since 2002. Led by Sandra Haddad, CIMS has built a wide range of services that assist…

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  • January 17, 2022  |  Industry News

    New Member Announcement: Priority Management Sudbury

    We are pleased to introduce our NEWEST associate member… Priority Management Sudbury!! “At Priority Management we provide world-class leadership and management training to help people in all areas become more effective and productive workers. Our WorkingSm@rt series of programs develop the skills to effectively plan, manage and execute work while managing time and priorities, often…

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  • January 17, 2022  |  Industry News

    Timmins Mechanical Solutions Marks 1st Company in Northern Ontario to obtain Cyber Secure Canada Certification.

    Timmins Mechanical Solutions <a href: “https//”> has finally marked the first company in Northern Ontario to obtain Cyber Secure Canada certification, one of only 20 Canadian companies nationwide to achieve this designation since it’s inception. As more companies and individuals turn to online activities, whether for business or communications, having cyber secure systems and risk…

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  • January 17, 2022  |  Industry News

    Labour shortage threatens to put mining industry on shaky ground

    Major Drilling Group International (TSX: MDI) had an early Christmas present for investors in December. The specialized drilling services company reported a 50% increase in revenue in the second quarter of the 2022 fiscal year ended Oct. 31, 2021, compared to the same period last year, and a doubling of its net earnings year-over-year. But…

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  • January 14, 2022  |  Industry News

    MineConnect Hall of Fame 2021 – Submit your Nominations!

    We are just over a month away until MineConnect’s AGM… which means our notorious Hall of Fame! Northern Ontario mining supply and service companies have impacted the evolution of mining worldwide and are responsible for much of the innovation that is employed today to increase mineral production, all the while making it a safer and…

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