MineConnect is Ontario’s Mining Supply & Services Association. Our members are globally recognized for their innovation, and the essential role they play in advancing the mining sector. Read more to discover the benefits of membership and why our members are the suppliers of choice to the world.

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The impact of the Mining Supply and Services sector in Northern Ontario.

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Trade Missions
MineConnect’s trade missions aim to help its members in growing their business, whether that is domestically, internationally or both. Our inbound and outbound trade missions provide members with opportunities to gain more exposure and generate leads in regions around the world.
Connecting you to new opportunities
MineConnect’s initiatives are designed to help its members grow and succeed in the industry. MineConnect outreach is set in place to aid companies in showcasing their products and services to domestic and international markets.
Leader in BEV
It’s no secret that battery-electric vehicles are the future of mining and northern Ontario businesses are leading the charge. Mining operations around northern Ontario are testing BEV’s and the positive results have mining companies around the world knocking on the door of MineConnect members.
Mining Community
Northern Ontario is home to the largest cluster of mining expertise worldwide. The MineConnect community is built of northern Ontario companies that supply and service mines worldwide. Together, we are stronger.

Board of Directors

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