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Oct 11, 2019


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Vale Participates In Mental Health Campaign

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Vale participates in mental-health campaign – by Staff (Sudbury Star – October 9, 2019)

October 10, 2019 in Canadian Regional Media and Web Publications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ontario Mining, Sudbury Basin

Vale is participating in a campaign to reduce stigmas around mental health. The Elephant in the Room initiative of Mood Disorders Society of Canada aims to break down barriers and provide support for those struggling with mental-health concerns.

Vale is a national sponsor of the organization and “continues to demonstrate commitment to raising awareness and addressing the stigma associated with mental illness within our communities and workplaces,” according to a release from Mood Disorders Society of Canada.

Vale’s Sudbury Operations will be inviting all employees who have received mental-health first aid training to support the launch of the campaign by bringing the Elephant in the Room – literally and figuratively — into the workplace in the form of a blue elephant.

“The elephants will serve as a small but powerful visual signal that employees who display them are trained and have created safe spaces for conversations with individuals experiencing a mental-health concern,” the release notes.

“It will help to break down the invisible barrier that stigma presents to seeking care and support for mental health.”

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