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Jun 23, 2021


Member Story

Trade in Motion: Northern Ontario Mining Technologies in Mexico


Trade in Motion is launching a video recording initiative to show the benefits of using mining technologies from Northern Ontario. The mining culture of innovation in products, machinery and services in Canada is a recognized and state of the art industry around the globe. The northern Ontario mining supply chain is an innovative and cutting-edge industry well known worldwide.

In the following video, Gabriela Castro, Trade In Motion CEO outlines the benefits in buying from international mining providers. “Northern Ontario has innovative and cutting edge technologies that the mines in Mexico could benefit from” – Gabriela Castro

Gabriela learnt the strengths of Canada while working in the mining sector at the Embassy of Canada to Mexico. She saw existent, reachable and endless opportunities for groundbreaking international companies around the corner.  2021 is the year of innovation, quality and customization to optimize the mine operations; and there are routes to arrive where the opportunities are.

For additional information, contact Gabriela Castro: