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Jul 21, 2021


Industry News

TopROPS Announces Evolution in ManCarriers for Mining Industry: Blending Steel & Aluminum Together


TopROPS has developed a new engineered and certified 6 to 8 person mancarrier that weighs approximately 1,200 pounds. This lightweight carrier is built with a steel frame for ISO3471 ROPS protection, aluminum roof plate for ISO 3449 FOPS protection and aluminum body panels for weight reduction. Weighing hundreds of pounds less than a traditional steel carrier results in savings on fuel and reduces wear and tear on the vehicle frame, suspension, and transmission.

Currently the market is flooded with a mix of mancarriers for the mining industry ranging from complete steel to aluminum units. Steel man carriers tend to weigh approx. from 1500 lbs to 2200 lbs where-as aluminum man carriers weigh from 600 lbs to 800 lbs. TopROPS currently manufactures steel certified units only, but the industry is recommending a shift in product line as truck axles are worn out over time by steel units which are considered too heavy. A one-ton truck in harsh mining environments completely packed with 8 occupants can only take the toll for so long until things fall apart. The blending of steel and aluminum together will provide strength from a steel frame, while sides made of aluminum will minimize weight.

Aluminum is also relatively cheap and is a prime motivator from a manufacturer perspective. Modern aluminum alloys due to their high power-to-weight ratio, low cost and high wear resistance have been widely used in many structural components in automotive, construction and mining industries.

TopROPS aluminum steel man carrier is the new innovative solution to heavy steel mancarrier’s that weighs almost 3 times the weight.  The simple design and economical method of fabrication of these carriers easily permits further expansion of their application.  Furthermore because of reinforcement and improvement in the design, these can easily be incorporated into any vehicle, make and model.

The main advantages of TOPROPS aluminum-steel mancarrier are:

•  Greater strength and stiffness

•  Reduced density (weight)

•  Aluminum is a natural corrosion-resistant material that protects the structure from rust which helps save repair and maintenance costs while providing the operator with peace of mind, knowing that it will not easily damage and can be used for years.

•  Aluminum and steel provide the perfect combination of customization and easy installation. The outside structure consists of aluminum panels which are bolted to the steel structure facilitating easier part replacement and repair. 

•  The combination of aluminum and steel structure delivers both the strength and flexibility required to achieve ISO, SAE OR CSA standards. Certifications are also split depending upon jurisdiction and mine standards.

TopROPS is currently in the design and feasibility stages and will be embark on physical testing once this has been completed. Physical testing will be comprised of FOPS destructive tests, followed by ROPS – Lateral, Longitudinal & vertical destructive testing. The company contends that current standards need to be updated as present regulations sometimes only provide protection in front only situations, leaving rear passengers with less protection than front occupants.

The company proposes that its mancarriers will be ideally suited for the new generation of electric vehicles of all makes & models, both above and underground. It has further stated that it is prepared to design, build, certify its carriers for any make or model either current or planned. As stated by company CET, LET Savy Bhardwaj; “At TopROPS, we tend to simplify design and make a standard product line so as to easily adapt our product(s) to new (BEV) technologies, because we want to be part of the future”.

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