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Oct 08, 2021


Industry News

The Ontario Government Presents a FREE International Marketing Workshop


Date: October 21, 2021

Time: 10:00am EST – 11:30am EST

Ontario is organizing a free 90 Minute online workshop to determine how and where to sustainably focus your marketing efforts that will build your company’s international presence, land sales and deepen connections.

Led by marketing expert and digital storyteller Deb Day, CEO of Innovate By Day, this interactive workshop will highlight the strategies and tactics to reach your customers and clients where they are: online.  Identify which social media platforms you and your company need to be on. 

Conferences and tradeshows now follow a hybrid model requiring you to take new approaches to export strategies, develop new markets, make connections and close sales. Building you and your company’s credibility is key. 

Join us to harness the tools and techniques to build your company’s virtual presence – that will get the clicks to stick

Some topics covered by this workshop are:

  • Quick fixes for brand building 
  • Where to focus limited marketing budgets effectively and smartly
  • Tips and tricks for virtual trade missions, tradeshows and conferences
  • Online networking techniques
  • Optimize video calls and video presence

Register by: October 20, 2021

Click HERE to register