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May 03, 2021


Industry News

The Bucket Shop Timmins Partners with IVEY Group to Welcome Four International Trained Welders


The Bucket Shop in Timmins is welcoming four international trained welders in partnership with IVEY Group. The partnership was made to help overcome the skilled labour gap in Northern Ontario. On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, The Bucket Shop welcomed two new Welders, Pavlo & Kyryl from Ukraine to fill positions in their organization.

The Bucket Shop is a manufacturing, custom fabrication and repair facility that streamlines an entire assembly of management, marketing, administration, sales and production divisions to assist companies with their mining operations and heavy equipment needs. As a progressive employer who needed to fill necessary vacant positions within their organization, The Bucket Shop has invested in IVEY Group’s international recruitment process to hire world-class, highly skilled welders to join their team.

The Bucket Shop is a family owned and operated business who has a demonstrated history of investing in their community – both locally and internationally. As a renowned leader in mining equipment fabrication and repair, international recruitment serves as an alternative hiring solution to not only grow their workforce but provide them with operational stability to continue the development and growth of their organization. In approximately 5 weeks, they will be welcoming another two welders from Mexico to join their talent pipeline. The city of Timmins will gain four new families to help grow their diversity and contribute to the social and economic fabric of the community.

As Northern Ontario’s only full-service international recruitment & corporate immigration firm, IVEY Group helps companies in attracting, integrating, and retaining the best international talents. As a Northern Ontario born company, we understand the labour needs and working conditions of companies in the North. Using a proven process, we are able to recruit experienced workers to assist with the labour supply of an increasingly impacted labour-market. Our recruitment & immigration team worked together to begin the recruitment process based on the needs of The Bucket Shop. Our process began by understanding the employer and organization’s business and employment requirements in order to ensure a seamless immigration application process with all federal and provincial legislation. Our team then built a strategy to identify the immigration initiative, source, country and relative timeline to find the best candidates for the job. During our talent sourcing and screening process, our team conducted interviews, validation of education, licenses, qualifications, language abilities, employment verification, references, medical and criminal background checks.

After we completed our recruitment process for Pavlo & Kyryl to join The Bucket Shop, we began planning for the newcomer’s arrival to Canada. We provided Pavlo & Kyryl with the information they needed for a successful and smooth transition into Canada which included the gathering of all documents required for employment and
community integration.

To ensure the health & safety of our international recruits and people in Canada, Pavlo & Kyryl diligently followed quarantine guidelines put in place by the government of Canada in order to make their arrival as safe as possible. Once their quarantine period was complete, The Bucket Shop’s Market Development Manager, Jamieson Pouw assisted with Pavlo & Kyryl’s integration process. Now that Pavlo & Kyryl are settled-in and integrated into the Timmins community, they are able to begin their first week as Welders in Canada!

With Canada’s rising aging population and declining birth rates, it is inevitable that various Mining, Forestry, Construction, Skilled Trades and Health Care industries will suffer from increasing labour shortages. Timmins is a vital community when it comes to government services which is why it is essential to maintain their labour force via international recruitment. Recruiting more international workers will ensure the city has the qualified and bilingual workforce they need to prosper.

As Northern Ontario’s only full-service international recruitment & corporate immigration firm, our mission at IVEY is to help employers like The Bucket Shop to find, recruit, and integrate skilled workers from across the globe like Pavlo & Kyryl into their operations. From start to finish, we manage the entire immigration and recruitment process to ensure a smooth integration for both employers and employees.

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