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Apr 28, 2021


Industry News

The Bucket Shop Timmins Partners with IVEY Group in an International Recruitment Initiative


On Wednesday, April 28th, The Bucket Shop and IVEY Group will be welcoming two new Welders,
Pavlo & Kyryl from Ukraine to join their team. The partnership was made to help overcome the
skilled labour gap in Northern Ontario.

As a progressive employer who needed to fill necessary vacant positions within their organization,
The Bucket Shop has invested in IVEY Group’s international recruitment process to hire world-class,
highly skilled welders to join their team. The Bucket Shop will also welcome another two new
employees into their talent pipeline from Mexico. The city of Timmins gains four new families to help
grow their diversity and contribute to the social and economic fabric of the community.

“It’s worth getting into it because of the long-term approach for the country of Canada; we want our
population to rise to 100 million by the end of the century. That’s a big number and that can only be
done with immigration.” -Jamieson Pouw, TBS, Market Development Manager.

The Bucket Shop is a family owned and operated business who has a demonstrated history of
investing in their community – both locally and internationally. As a renowned leader in mining
equipment repair, international recruitment serves as an alternative hiring solution to not only grow
their workforce goals but to provide them with operational stability to continue the development
and growth of their organization.

As Northern Ontario’s only full-service corporate international recruitment & immigration firm, our
mission at IVEY is to help employers like The Bucket Shop to find, recruit, and integrate skilled
employees from across the globe into their operations. From start to finish, we manage the entire
immigration and recruitment process to ensure a smooth integration for both employers and

If your organization is looking for an alternative hiring solution to be able to retain workers, grow
your business and meet your workforce goals, IVEY Group offers a customized approach based on
the needs of your specific organization. Please visit for more information.