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Feb 11, 2020


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On Friday, November 15th, the Greater City of Sudbury welcomed 6 new residents – all the way from Mexico. As the first group of many anticipated to come to the City, these workers have begun to integrate into the community, acclimating to our winters, Tim Horton’s coffee, and Big Nickel charm. These newcomers are all welders working for Carriere Industrial Supply in Lively.

“I must say that the whole process was very uplifting and opened our eyes to the possibility of filling our shortage of experienced welders with foreign workers – a win/win for all! The men are super polite, sincere and eager to work. They are very appreciative of the opportunity to build a new life, full of promise and possibilities, for themselves and their families. We’re thrilled to have them as part of the CIS family and look forward to sharing more Northern Ontario experiences with them.

Dale Alexander, Controller at Carriere Industrial Supply

In the little over a month they’ve been here, the welders from Mexico have come to appreciate some of the many benefits to living in Sudbury and are exploring some of the City’s cultural and outdoor activities.

 Carriere Industrial Supply has been an amazing catalyst to the workers’ integration. From picking them up at the airport to supplying food, household goods, and a city-wide tour, they have gone above and beyond to ease and promote the worker’s smooth transition to life in Sudbury.

Across Ontario, there are major labour shortages in the skilled trades and many companies are looking for options to help fill their talent pipelines.  These labour shortages will continue to affect our economic development, especially in Northern Ontario where they are compounded by several demographic factors, including a rapidly aging population, a high rate of out-migration to bigger cities, and the general population decrease. To foster economic and social growth and development, Canada hopes to attract 350 000 immigrants annually to work, live and grow regions across the country. (CBC, 2018)

 To remain competitive, Northern Ontario businesses will need to explore solutions that promote population growth and diversification… For this reason, many businesses are turning to international recruitment as a solution to their hiring struggles. With a globe full of skilled workers eager to work, live and establish themselves in Sudbury, international recruiting is an increasingly attractive solution. Especially in Sudbury, recruiting internationally helps diversify and grow the population, while promoting multiculturalism.

This interest in international recruitment is spreading to cities across the North, such as North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, with Sudbury businesses spearheading the effort as newcomers continue to arrive to work and live into Greater Sudbury.

The six welders from Mexico were recruited by IVEY Group – immigration and international recruiting specialists currently operating out of Old City Hall in downtown Sudbury.

IVEY Group is the only full-service immigration and international recruiting agency in Northern Ontario, offering international recruitment, immigration along with community and workplace integration services and language upgrading.  Their recruitment team is active in over 10 countries across the globe, seeking skilled workers to meet each company’s particular hiring requirements.  Immigration services are offered to both businesses and the greater community, including international students, by a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. Moreover, the settlement team help equip newcomers with everything they need to establish themselves and their families in Northern Ontario. The IVEY Group is helping grow the North, fill labor shortages affecting our economic development, and give people a new start at life in Canada.

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