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Nov 24, 2021


Industry News

Sudbury Airport Adds Ten New 80 inch Digital Advertising Screens in the Terminal


The Sudbury Airport is a main hub for the Northern Ontario Mining Industry.  The Airport parking lot is once again full.  Through COVID the airport added high impact 80 inch digital advertising screens throughout the terminal.  Advertisers like Epiroc, CRD, Rock Tech, Komatsu, Hexagon Mining and international companies like BBE Group are only a few of the many airport advertisers who realize great returns on their airport advertising.  

Now, there are many advertising opportunities for mining and mining service and supply businesses to reach their target audiences; those mining personnel waiting in the airport for up to 45 minutes to board their planes.  

“The airport definitely offers the longest viewing time for advertisers, from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in front of their target audiences,” comments Dawn Franke, Marketing Manager at the airport. “Before adding the new 80 inch digital screens there was a waiting list to advertise here. So we are glad we have opened up our capacity to Northern Ontario businesses.”

And airport advertisers like Roger Coggins from Rock Tech, feel they receive great feedback from their advertising partnership with the airport. 

“The Airport staff really deliver on their promises, we received a great advertising location. We are happy to support the airport, and we are receiving many positive comments on our sign and media located on-site,” comments Coggins.

For more information on advertising opportunities at the Greater Sudbury Airport, go to or call or text 705 919 2740.