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Mar 23, 2020


Member Story



NORPRO, the leading provider of broad-spectrum security solutions for mines in Northern Ontario, has managed to stay one step ahead of this pandemic. As critical security personnel, all guards have been trained in accordance with NORPRO’s internal COVID-19 protocols which include screening questionnaires, temperature checks, and electronic tracking documentation.

All static and dynamic guards have been provided with the necessary training and equipment to complete their jobs safely and effectively.  In addition to their usual host of services, NORPRO guards now also screen entrances and exits for signs of COVID-19.

Knowing is half the battle. NORPRO knows that N95 masks are the only mask guaranteed to protect from airborne droplets carrying the virus. Along with gloves, NORPRO guards are ready to protect any location in Ontario from the threat of the COVID-19.

NORPRO has performed regular internal screenings and developed an industry-leading protocol to determine the presence of COVID-19. If your company/organization has not established an infectious disease protocol specific to Coronavirus, call NORPRO dispatch at 1-800-461-5114 to contact a trained Health & Safety representative.