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Jan 13, 2020


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MineConnect Trade Mission to Chile: Day 1

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Today marked the first day of MineConnect’s Trade Mission to Santiago, Chile. The participating companies in this mission are Hard-Line, Ionic Mechatronics, Jannatec, Kovatera, Maestro Digital Mine, NORCAT and MacLean Engineering. MineConnect’s Executive Director, Paul Bradette is leading the mission with our members.

To kick start the mission the MineConnect team met with delegates from CEMIN Holding Miner today morning. The meeting was really productive for our members as they got a closer look at CEMIN’s business operations, exploration, and business development activities.

Our team will be heading to Maitenes to visit Codelco El Teniente today afternoon to have on-site meetings.


Cemin is a medium-sized mining company dedicated to the extraction and processing of copper and gold in Chile. Created in 1982, it has operations in Catemu, Pullally, and Domeyko.

The CEMIN Mining Holding comprises several small and medium-sized mining companies. Among the company’s main operations are Minera Amalia Catemu in the Province of San Felipe, with the extraction and processing of copper in a leaching plant and electro-obtaining copper cathodes. In La Ligua is Minera Pullalli, an underground gold mine, and its processing plant. On November 17, 2016, the DIA of the “Catemu Plant Operational Continuity” project was entered. The project consists in maintaining the operational continuity of the Catemu Plant for a period of 5 years, by increasing the capacity of existing battery and gravel facilities and by incorporating new leaching and gravel areas.