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Nov 19, 2018


Member Story

MineConnect Member Komri Engineering: Continuing to Grow and Evolve



 Komri Engineering 



Since our inception in 2015, we have steadily grown and focused on becoming a leading engineering company in Northern Ontario. In order to accommodate an influx of customers and to deliver more services, Komri Engineering has expanded significantly in the last 3 years. We have grown our team to offer full structural, mechanical and electrical services. We have invested in the latest software technologies to be able to efficiently design thus passing the benefits on to our customers.


New Location

To be more accessible to potential clientele, we have moved to the heart of Sudbury. Located at 1414 Lasalle Boulevard, allowing potential clients to easily reach our office. In addition, we are closer to our professional network in the city. Should we need any professional service on site to complete your project, it is easier to get those services to you.

Our new location has also been revamped to enhance the customer experience. We have introduced a more open concept in our office, allowing our customers to get a first hand look at how everything is done.


A Versatile Staff

 To accommodate our growing clientele, we have added a diverse staff that can cater to our clients in a pinch. On the engineering side, we have experienced structural, mechanical and electrical engineers with extensive experience in mining.


We also have staff with customer service, legal compliance and marketing experience. We make an effort to make sure we can go the extra mile with our clients and this reflects in the staff we hire.


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