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Mar 23, 2020


Member Story

New Mining and Construction Training an Exciting Addition to NATT Safety Services


Sudbury, ON – March 11, 2020– Several new training programs from NATT Safety Services offer more opportunities for people needing mining and construction training.

New training programs including Basic Rigging Fundamentals, 0-8 Ton Crane, Common Core Surface Miner, and a new Fire Extinguisher Simulator training, complement the existing safety training programs offered.

“These training programs are a natural fit to our business, ”, shares Mark Arnold, General Manager of NATT Safety Service, “but even more importantly, they help those people looking to get further education and certification in the mining and construction fields. We’re very excited about our new programs”, Arnold adds.

For more details on the new training programs, contact NATT Safety Services 1-866-244-3334.

NATT Safety Services is a division of the TPS Group of Companies, and is a premier health and safety provider, providing superior safety training and safety services. They are committed to adding value to your company while keeping your safety requirements as their foremost priority.

For more information: Leslie McDermid, Communications for TPS Group of Companies 
(705) 561-0614