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Jan 17, 2022


Industry News

New Member Announcement: Priority Management Sudbury


We are pleased to introduce our NEWEST associate member… Priority Management Sudbury!!

“At Priority Management we provide world-class leadership and management training to help people in all areas become more effective and productive workers.

Our WorkingSm@rt series of programs develop the skills to effectively plan, manage and execute work while managing time and priorities, often pairing them with the tech tools people are using like MS Teams, Outlook, OneNote, Google and smartphones. Action-based learning is encouraged in our hands-on courses to achieve sustainable behaviour change.

We are experts in the field of leadership training and understand the generational differences in our fast-paced, ever changing world. Through a set of 8 core competencies we can help train and develop your leaders and managers.

Project planning and management, negotiating, sales and customer service and MS Office computer courses are also available. Get in touch to discover a better way to work.”

Visit their Webpage: