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Sep 13, 2018


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New Associate Member Global Growth

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Global Growth

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Global Growth specializes in taking Canadian manufacturing and service companies global.

We help companies grow their business. We work closely with highly engineered, Canadian manufacturing and service companies that have great ideas, strong products and the desire to accelerate growth in domestic, US and international markets. Our work begins with the CEO and management team to customize the appropriate growth strategies. We then shift focus to the sales team, providing them with the right tools and training to execute these strategies with positive, accelerated results.

As engineers ourselves, we speak the language and know the culture. As sales and marketing strategists, we ignite your business with new expertise. Our frontline experience means we bring relevant insights, practical examples and support that will energize your team.

What makes us unique is our core strengths and results:

  1. Growth strategies and execution – Global Growth brings proven expertise in developing strategies and action plans that accelerate profitable growth.
  2. Global market expansion – Global Growth provides insider knowledge on how to successfully operate in US and international markets.
  3. Competitive positioning and marketing – Success depends on a compelling competitive advantage, one that clearly differentiates you from the competition.
  4. Sales and export team strengthening – Accelerating growth requires a new sales mindset focused on education, support and leadership.