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Feb 05, 2021


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Reminder: MineConnect Hall of Fame 2020 Nominations


MineConnect 2020 Hall of Fame Nominee Criteria

Leaders in the mining supply and service industry have proven that mining is only as innovative and ground breaking as the output of products and services generated through this sector.

Northern Ontario mining supply and service companies have impacted the evolution of mining worldwide and are responsible for much of the innovation that is employed today to increase mineral production, all the while making it a safer and healthier working environment for miners. Making this all happen are Northern Ontario industry leaders who continually strive for improvement in products and processes resulting in one of the world’s most recognized supply and service clusters.

Each year, MineConnect recognizes the passion, leadership and relentless effort that a special few members have brought to Northern Ontario by inducting them into MineConnect’s Hall of Fame. This year we are delegating this responsibility to our members as they will determine who should be presented with this honor. We are encouraging MineConnect members to fill out the nomination form HERE with their member nomination. The top 3 nominations we receive by February 8th at 4pm EST will be selected as the official MineConnect Hall of Fame 2020 Nominees. The following week all members will receive one ballot to vote for their chosen nominee.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominations can be made by individuals, firms or organizations who are existing MineConnect Corporate or Associate members and should be submitted directly to Paul Bradette, Executive Director by February 8th under the following criteria:

(Please note, do not submit a nomination via a MineConnect Board member)


Each Nomination must contain the following information:

  • Complete Curriculum Vitae or career history of the nominee
  • Brief enumeration of any and all achievements that qualify the nominee for admission into the MineConnect Hall of Fame
  • Testimonials or letters of support

We wish to thank all members who have emailed us with their nominations in advance. Should you have additional information pertaining to the above terms and criteria, these will be accepted up to the nomination deadline. All information submitted including the name of the nominating individual(s) will be kept confidential.

Your participation in this most fitting initiative is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Nomination Form: