Company Description

WipWare® designs and manufactures innovative quality-control image analysis systems to measure size, shape and uniformity of particles in mining, forestry and aggregate production.

WipWare fragmentation analysis technologies root deep in the explosives industry. We understand the steps required to improve blast fragmentation, and the infinite number of variables which affect the results. Our technology empowers you with the tools you need to collect historical data, establish a statistical baseline and track subtle changes throughout the optimization process so you can make decisions based on fact, instead of theory.

WipWare technology can automate processes, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and increase throughput.
Our products range from WipFrag™ software for checking blast fragmentation to completely automated photoanalysis systems such as Momentum™, Reflex™ and Solo™.

WipFrag employs proprietary edge-detection parameters to generate quantified particle-size data from photographs of blast results.

WipWare photoanalysis systems acquire images with digital cameras and self-contained lighting which are sent to a workstation where our Delta software applies edge-detection parameters and returns results instantly. Threshold triggers can be set that automate process optimization, increasing efficiency and reduce electrical, mechanical, chemical and environmental costs.

Momentum is an expandable system that streams real-time analysis of material moving on multiple conveyor belts to a control room workstation 24/7 without disrupting production.

Reflex software is designed specifically to analyze material fragmentation on vehicles while they are in motion. With the use of RFID technology, the software is also capable of integrating with your mine’s dispatch system to record the vehicle’s hauling data in the WipFrag output – a valuable asset when hauling from multiple locations.

Solo is an autonomous, portable system designed for use on conveyor belts that performs well in harsh industrial environments and can connect wirelessly to a control room workstation.

WipWare also offers MailFrag™, a service that permits customers to upload their own pictures for analysis by our in-house experts. Using email and FTP sites, images can be sent to WipWare with results usually available in 24 hours.

With the introduction of WipFrag software in 1986, WipWare became the industry leader in optical granulometry of fragmented material. WipFrag became the standard for quantifying blast fragmentation and was quickly recognized by allied industries such as mineral processing and aggregate production as an important tool. Since that time, the company has built a global reputation for excellence in software innovation and design, earning it the trust and loyalty of hundreds of users worldwide.