SK Godelius

SK Godelius

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SK Godelius

Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Fernando Bracco

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+569 93593350

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Company Description

SK Godelius is a specialist in new forms of remote interaction, conceiving, developing and performing conceptual and detail engineering. We implement and operate engineering solutions related to automation, teleoperation, robotization and connectivity of large machines, vehicles, robots and processes. We were born at the end of 2011 when advances in artificial intelligence, unstructured robotics, high capacity networks and low latency, began to make feasible new methods of operation in the industry. Although most of our clients belong to the mining ecosystem, our solutions are also being implemented in other sectors.

We are part of Sigdo Koppers Group, an organization of engineering companies with operations all across the globe, with more than 20,000 employees and a solid history of achievements, seriousness and innovation in the mining industry.

The name Godelius is a tribute to Kurt Gödel, who wrote in 1931 an extraordinary article that moved many notions profoundly rooted in mathematics to the ground. His so-called incompleteness theorems demonstrate the fundamental limitations of axiomatic systems and are among the most important in history. The depth of its consequences is comparable to that of the other two great revolutions of the exact sciences of the twentieth century, the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Many of the changes that can be witnessed today – in artificial intelligence and robotics – have traces of Gödel’s Theorems.