Nordic Minesteel Technologies

Nordic Minesteel Technologies

Company Description

Nordic Minesteel Technologies (NMT) are experts in horizontal and vertical solutions for mining, providing reliable, custom solutions and dependable service to our customers by improving safety and increasing profit in their operations.

Let us design and supply real mining solution that is right for you. Our services include:

  • Haulage solutions
  • Shaft-related solutions
  • Loading and unloading solutions
  • Tunnel solutions
  • Specialized solutions

Over thirty years of experience has established Nordic Minesteel Technologies’ reputation in the mining industry around the world. With strong roots focussed on safety, quality, training, the environment and civic responsibility, NMT offers complete mining solutions.

Let us design and supply the real mining solution that is right for you.

Two premier companies coming together amount to a lot of history and proven experience. That in turn, translates into a lot of innovation and industry firsts:

  • Our cutting-edge haulage solutions that allow for continuous loading with minimal spillage;
  • Car suspension technology that minimizes derailment under extreme rail conditions;
  • The development of a cantilevered steel guide system to allow for high speed hoisting;
  • Our huckbolting approach, which minimizes ongoing maintenance on equipment and shafts;
  • The design of bi-folding ventilation doors to save space, allowing high volume air-flow and easy passage of large mobile equipment.

In 2017, NMT announced the acquisition of its subsidiary, Specialized Maintenance Equipment (SME), enhancing safety and increasing equipment availability for large haul trucks and shovels. The acquisition, enables NMT to further expand globally into equipment design and manufacturing.

Strategic alliances and joint venture projects have enabled NMT to serve diverse operations globally.