Mobile Parts (2021) Inc.

Mobile Parts (2021) Inc.

Company Description

In business for over 25 years, we are a leading equipment parts supplier, with an extensive cross-referencing system for OEM parts.  We have a rebuild shop that covers brakes, axles, drivelines and others. We also have a proven reputation for producing (and servicing) top quality Toyota personnel carriers (and multi-functional carriers) for the mining industry.  These Toyotas are adapted to meet mine specifications and include a completely enclosed brake system exclusive to Mobile Parts.

Mobile Parts Inc. is a distributor/remanufacture of parts for mining and industrial equipment, specializing in brake systems and components. Manufacturer of new drivelines for all types of mobile and stationary equipment. This company is also a proud agent for Toyota vehicles. Mobile Parts Inc. offers the following services:

  • Rebuilding of disc brake callipers, actuating air chambers and cylinders, master cylinders, air valves and switches
  • Remanufacturing and relining of brake shoe assemblies, driveline bands, overhead crane and hoist braking components, etc
  • Rebuilding of transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, steering boxes and other components for mining vehicles and personnel carriers
  • Supplying and remanufacturing wet disc brake assemblies and industrial axle/planetary components
  • Supplying, designing and installing retro-fit braking systems and control modules for most applications

Business sectors in which the company operates

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Mining / Petroleum / Gas

Distributed product

  • Bearings, industrial
  • Brake assembly, heavy equipment
  • Calipers, brake
  • Clutches
  • Components, steering
  • Gauges and indicatores, automotive
  • Gearing, drivetrain
  • Kits, seal
  • Lighting, auxiliary auto
  • Parts, heavy equipment
  • Parts, heavy equipment drive train
  • Products, catalytic emission control
  • Pumps, industrial
  • Ring gears (nylon)
  • Switches, motors and electrical supplies
  • Systems, air-operated braking
  • Systems, exhaust
  • Valves, brake
  • Valves, industrial