Maestro Digital Mine

Maestro Digital Mine

Company Description

Maestro Digital Mine serves the underground mine automation, network, ventilation and worker safety sector. Our products deliver energy savings and productivity improvements while meeting the highest health and safety standards.

Maestro Digital Mine, a division of High Grade Controls Corporation, is a manufacturer of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) measurement and control instrumentation for the optimization of underground mine ventilation and digital networks for the last mile of communication.

Our brands are recognized in over twenty countries and deployed globally in 130+ mines.

Plexus PowerNet™ – “Last Mile” gigabit communication network that can be deployed by any tradesperson while providing power and data over a standard coaxial cable.

Zephyr AQS™ Air Quality and Quantity Monitoring Station used for ventilation monitoring and blast clearance optimization.

Vigilante AQS™ – Air Quality and Quantity Monitoring and Control Station used for advanced ventilation monitoring, control and blast clearance optimization.

EthernetI/O™  remote I/O – Remote I/O to allow both analog and discrete inputs and outputs to be added to an underground network without the requirement of a PLC.

SuperBrite™ Marquee Display – World’s only “fail-safe” LED display used to publish underground real-time environmental or production information on every level or in the ramp.

MaestroFlex™ Automated Regulators – Designed to meet the harsh underground mining drill and blast cycles for decades of service. ModuDrive™ digital IIoT actuators provide real-time diagnostics that allow troubleshooting from surface through MaestroLink™ Server.

FanMon™ – Primary and booster fan monitoring system allowing real time and advanced diagnostic information allowing maximum up-time and fan protection.