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Hurley Group

Lively, Canada

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Bart Hurley

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Company Description

Hurley Mining Equipment and Services Inc. is an ISO registered company in the business of remanufacturing and selling or renting mining equipment. Hurley Ventilation Technologies Inc. is an ISO registered company in the business of manufacturing new vane and tube axial ventilation fans, systems and accessories.

Primary business activities

Hurley Ventilation Technologies Inc. (HVT) specializes in the manufacture of new ventilation fans, systems, parts and accessories.
We expend considerable effort to ensure that our products are the best the world has to offer. HVT maintains strict quality standards and performs various rigorous product performance tests to ensure the quality, integrity and longevity of our products. Technical services provided are such as engineering, technical and mechanical consulting assistance.

  • Ventilation fan selection and system design based on operating efficiency, duty and performance
  • Problem analysis/trouble shooting expertise
  • On-site surplus fan survey including: inspection, identification and evaluation c/w reports
  • Yearly cost summary and repair frequency
  • Fan commissioning
  • Field performance testing and validation
  • Condition monitoring – main and critical fans
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • In-place field balancing and vibration analysis
  • Acoustic/noise abatement and field sound level tests per AMCA and ASHRAE standards
  • Destructive/non-destructive testing and failure analysis
  • Industrial hygiene program and training
  • Ventilation module/course for management, staff and employees
  • Vendor managed and properly stored critical fan and fan components in an environmentally appropriate building with control over: temperature, rapid or extreme changes of humidity, shock and vibration
  • Vendor managed ensures: inventory optimization and reliability verification
  • Ventilation fan performance curves

Business sectors in which the company operates

  • Electric / Electronics
  • Forestry
  • Foundries


  • Fans, commercial
  • Fans, exhaust
  • Fans, industrial
  • Parts, industrial fans