Hepburn Engineering Inc.

Hepburn Engineering Inc.

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Hepburn Engineering Inc.

Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Joe Antolich

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Company Description

Engineered in Canada Installed Worldwide
Complete Design Integration & System Responsibility
ISO 9001:2015 Approved
Double Drum – Single Drum – Blair Drum – Friction Hoists

Shaft Sinking Winches
Electrical Controls & Drives
Hoist Manager Software
Hoist Reporter Software
Hoist Care
Remote Access Software

based in Toronto with  a sudbury office located in Chelmsford, ON , is a leading designer and supplier of state of the art hoisting and winding equipment. Hepburn Engineering Inc. designs and supplies mine hoists of all types, based on the latest designs.

Hepburn’s installed hoists  are extensive.  HEI also has all the engineering designs, detail drawings, copyrights, patents, trade marks for the mine hoist technology and designs of DAvy Markham, Canadian Ingersoll Rand, Westinghouse Canada, F.H.&B. and Ottumwa; and provides spare parts and service, overhauls and upgrades for these hoists.

Our engineers and designers work with the latest versions of CAD software and apply their skills to produce advanced hoists with a solid basis in well proven designs.

Our range of hoist related services include:

  • Technical studies to improve hoist production
  • Spare parts and service, upgrades, and refurbishing for hoists
  • Hoist inspections and field services
  • Drum shell replacements
  • Complete rebuilding/conversions
  • Start up services, both mechanical and electrical
  • Training courses
  • Advanced brake systems
  • Digital Controls and Automation
  • Ore Weighing Systems
  • Sheaves

Mine Hoists

  • Retrofits
  • Parts
  • Service
  • Head & Deflector Sheaves
  • Ore Weighing Systems
  • Digital Controls & Automation

Repair & Overhaul:
Rebuilds, Conversions, Upgrades;
Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical
Controls, Upgrades and Retrofits
Digital Control Systems

Engineering & Services:
Design Services
Inspections and Assessments
Repair & Overhaul Project Management
Installation and Commissioning Supervision
Logistics Support
Operating and Maintenance Manuals
Training Programs