ACR Fuller

ACR Fuller

Company Description

Fuller Industrial Corporation was founded to become a world-class supplier of rubber lined, pipe, fittings, tanks, and assemblies. Every aspect of the rubber lining process has been re-addressed to strengthen their position as a premier lining facility.

Fuller is the most advanced pipe spool fabrication plant and premier rubber lining and protective coating shop in North America. The shops are set up to efficiently handle everything from a single fitting to an entire plant’s tank and piping system.

These fully integrated shops provide detailed engineering, supply of bulk pipe, fittings, valves and piping related products, fabrication, rubber lining, ceramic lining, painting, quality control, export packaging, logistics, shipping and field work.

The company also provide corrosion and abrasion control products for heavy industry. Shop or field installed rubber and ceramics are our specialty.

Services for the rubber lining include:

  • Fabricated steel pipe and fittings
  • Rubber lined pipe
  • Chutes and Launders
  • Tanks
  • Agitators
  • Valves
  • Pulleys
  • Pump Parts
  • Custom Lining
  • Rubber coatings
  • Pulley lagging
  • Services for the rubber molding include:
  • After market parts
  • Hard rock drill parts
  • Underground locomotive suspension parts
  • Shotcrete wear parts
  • Custom rubber compression molding
  • Rubber transfer molding

Business sectors in which the company operates

  • Construction
  • Fabrication / transformation
  • Mining / Petroleum / Gas
  • Wholesale / Retail

Products fabricated in-house

  • Fittings, pipe (steel)
  • Parts, moulded (rubber)
  • Pipe (steel)