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Jun 24, 2020


Member Story

Mayhew Performance Welcome’s George Mondoux


Effective Monday, June 22, 2020, I am excited to announce that George Mondoux has joined Mayhew Performance Ltd as a Health & Safety Specialist

George is a certified Health and Safety Consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience in operations to the Mayhew Performance team. He has over 30 years of Health, Safety and Risk Management experience in mining such as base metals, precious metals and soft rock including contracting. 

He joins us from Kirkland Lake Gold as the Director of Health and Safety responsible for the Canadian Operations. He specializes in Health & Safety Risk Management, Staff Training and Development, Incident Causal Analyses, Safety Guidelines and Problem Solving as well as Surface and Underground Audits. 

Quote – Mike/Nicole Mayhew “We are truly excited to have George join our expanding team. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and mentorship to Mayhew Performance. He compliments our core values Family First and Safe BEV Implementation. We had the pleasure of working closely with George at the operations”. 

Quote – George Mondoux “I’m excited to join the expanding team of Mayhew Performance looking forward to providing leadership, guidance and support to the core mission of Safe Battery Electric Vehicle implementation at the diverse mines. I look forward to reconnecting with Mike & Nicole to expand the company services from Health and Safety alongside Health Care Nursing”. 

Mayhew Performance continues to focus on Battery Electric Vehicles and Health, Safety and Health Care Nursing. Please feel free to contact us.

Mike Mayhew
M: 705-923-6298