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Sep 14, 2018


Member Story

Fraudulent Email Do not Respond if Received MineConnect

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Good Morning Dick,


We rec’d this email found below last evening. I believe it may be fraudulent.  Can you confirm?  I did follow the links and it seems odd.

If it is I would suggest a quick email to the members advising them of such.


All the best,





Esa Melantie, MBA
Controller & Manager, COR

1040 Lorne St., Unit 3 Sudbury, ON P3C 4R9
Tel: 705-675-7720 ext. 230
Mobile: 705-280-0098
Toll Free: 1-877-675-7720

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From: MineConnect <>
Sent: September-13-18 11:01 PM
Subject: Membership renewal reminder at MineConnect




A friendly reminder that your membership at MineConnect is about to expire on 14 Oct 2018

Renew your membership

Follow suggested actions on your profile screen.

Best regards,


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