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Sep 13, 2021


Industry News



Industrial IoT hardware and software company, Symboticware, announced a partnership with the industrial autonomous vehicle technology provider, Cyngn. The partnership will make it easier for natural resources organizations to integrate Cyngn’s autonomous vehicle technology into their existing fleet and to manage these advanced capabilities with Symboticware’s Intelligent Operating System,

The partnership marks a natural alignment. Symboticware’s flagship product,, is an industrial operating system that currently manages 4 million vehicles globally. Through the Cyngn partnership, Symboticware customers may also manage their autonomous vehicle investments using the same platform.

Cyngn’s autonomous vehicle technology has been designed from the ground up to integrate smoothly into the daily operations of industrial organizations. Vehicles running Cyngn’s technology can easily switch between manual, remotely-controlled, and fully autonomous driving modes.

In addition to bringing self-driving capabilities to industrial fleets, Cyngn’s advanced safety features include machine vision-based collision avoidance and a backup system that brings equipment to a stop in case of emergency. Through’s portal, vehicle operators will be immediately notified of emergencies along with the location of the equipment involved.

“Safety is the strategic priority for companies in the natural resources space,” said Symboticware CEO Ash Agarwal. “This is why we are proud that – the industry’s first Operating System of Intelligence – will enable our clients to not only increase their assets’ productivity but also reduce unsafe incidents thanks to Cyngn’s AI-powered safety technology.”

“We are excited to make it easier for our clients to manage their autonomous vehicles through this integration with the ecosystem,” said Cyngn CEO Lior Tal. “Cyngn’s AV technology integrates with a variety of commercially-available machines. We look forward to enabling companies in the mining, agriculture, construction and forestry sectors to bring greater autonomous capabilities and safety to their operations.”

Cyngn is part of’s marketplace launch lineup. The innovative products of third-party technology providers will utilize the hardware and software capabilities of Symboticware devices and, enabling companies across the natural resources industry to achieve ambitious operational and sustainability-related goals.