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Jun 09, 2021


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Get Outstanding Results From Export Agents & Sales Representatives – Virtual Event


Northern Ontario Exports Program in partnership with Global Growth are pleased to announce Get Outstanding Results from Export Agents & Sales Representatives Virtual Event which will take place on June 23rd at 1:30 pm

Many companies do an excellent job of identifying, appointing, training, and making initial calls with their new agents. Then, they sit back and wait for orders to come in. Not surprisingly no orders arrive, and the company is disappointed and frustrated. It’s a story I hear time and again when I first meet with clients. The solution is five strategies that enable a shift from managing agents to leading and motivating them instead.

This webinar will walk you through five strategies that have proven success and used successfully by mining suppliers many of whom at based in Northern Ontario. This webinar summarizes the interviews with 11 mining suppliers all of whom have had success worldwide managing sales representatives.

It is time to improve your sales representative’s performance, this webinar will help you generate more sales:

  • Move your GOOD sales rep’s performance to OUTSTANDING!
  • Move your POOR Sales rep’s performance to GOOD!
  • Opening NEW sales rep’s performance to GOOD and then OUTSTANDING!

Your Goal > Improve Profitable Growth!

This webinar, presented by Mel Sauve – Global Growth will walk you through, in detail, five strategies that will increase you sales representative’s performance and success. Guaranteed!

  1. Build the relationship
  2. Create a plan and work the plan
  3. Offer tools on a silver platter
  4. Make their inquiries your top priority
  5. Provide extraordinary service

Book the date: Wednesday June 23rd at 1:30 pm for one hour.

Email to RSVP