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Feb 19, 2021


Industry News

First Cobalt sees potential to recycle batteries at its Temiskaming refinery


Conceptual of expansion and new construction of First Cobalt’s refinery in northeastern Ontario (Supplied photo)

“Toronto company begins study of recovering minerals from ‘black mass’ material”

First Cobalt announced that it has begun a study of black mass material from recycled batteries to use as a supplemental feed for its refinery expansion project near the town of Cobalt.

While the Toronto company is gearing up for construction this year to expand the refinery to boost production capacity, it’s also in discussions with several producers of black mass, according to a Feb. 17 news release.

End-of-life lithium-ion batteries and the battery cells are typically subject to a mechanical process involving crushing, sorting and sieving to produce a powder substance referred to as “black mass.” Black mass contains a variety of valuable metals including cobalt, nickel, copper, lithium, manganese, aluminum and graphite.

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