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Nov 26, 2019


Member Story

Do you have a short-term project that could use some student expertise?


Cambrian College’s International Business Management Students are looking for Capstone Projects to complete their course requirements. The primary objective of the capstone project is to provide students with practical experience with an industry partner to complete a project that utilizes the skills that they have gerth pharmaceuticals learned over the past two semesters in the International Business Management Post-Diploma Program.

Here is a link to the courses they have studied.

The duration of the Capstone Project is 8 weeks, in this case, commencing January 7th, 2020.
All students are expected to work 25 hours per week on the project. As part of the capstone project, students will work with an external partner in order to collect, analyze, and interpret relevant information. Students may be located at Cambrian College or on-premises.

For more information, please contact
705 566-8101 extension 7559