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Oct 22, 2020


Member Story

Connecting the world to Northern Ontario Mining


How international recruitment is linking Northern Ontario mines with the globe.

Mining has always been a catalyst in spurring global partnerships. Our mines are gateways to diverse communities with knowledge and experience that expand beyond our Canadian borders. 

A Labour-Shortage Predicament

Did you know that by 2029, the Canadian mining industry requires over 97,000 workers to replace the number of expected retirements and new jobs that will be created through new mining projects?

As a top economic driver for Northern Ontario, over the next decade, our mining community will be deeply impacted by our rapidly aging-population and out-migration of our youth. Our labour supply will continue to decline, and companies will be forced to look for alternative hiring solutions.  

Headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, IVEY Group works in partnership with employers across Northern Ontario to leverage international recruitment and immigration as a strategic solution and complement to any recruitment strategy by filling the inevitable labour shortage and skills gap with highly qualified and skilled workers from around the globe.

As a global partner with affiliations in over 13 countries globally, IVEY Group’s reach has enabled them to  recruit the most talented, world-class and exceptionally skilled workers from mining companies and educational institutions around the world – with specific partnerships in South America (Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru), Eastern Europe and Russia.

As an affiliate member of Mine Connect, we stay attuned to the innovative opportunities presented by other members and truly understand the challenges related to labour availability in the north.  We hear you and we have a solution.

We invite you to be part of this international experience.

Our recruitment initiatives emphasize the importance of practical skill-testing along with cultural coaching, language upgrading and community / workplace integration initiatives including the identification of appropriate accommodations and travel arrangement to and from work.

During our recruitment process, we invite companies to join in by participating in an international recruitment mission.  By being present in throughout the process, companies are able to build their workforces with dedicated, talented workers that meet their standards and values.

Our recruitment missions provide in-person, technical and practical testing initiatives which allows you to select candidates with the exact skillset that you are looking for.  We are not looking to source just workers – we are working to help you find the right workers.

Our strict screening process allows us to ensure that candidates have:

  • Practical and technical skills
  • Adequate language abilities
  • Vast relatable, industry-specific experience
  • A knowledge of international practices and procedures

The Deep-Rooted Benefits 

There are 3 major benefits to hiring a foreign worker:

1.      Access to a Global Talent Pool

An international recruitment initiative will give your business access to an abundance of highly-skilled, talented individuals that are motivated for the opportunity of a better life through employment in Canada.  Our team at IVEY will work with you to identify the most appropriate source country where you will find the exact skillset that you are searching for.

2.      Operational Stability & Predictability

Workers are issued an employer-specific work permit for a period of at least 24 months.  This brings a certain level of operational stability and predictability that would otherwise be difficult to achieve considering the current labour market conditions.  

3.      Transition to Permanent Residency

Workers who have an employer-specific work permit also have the opportunity for an eventual pathway to apply for Permanent Residency status in Canada.  This typically happens after a 36-month period of work in Canada.  This means workers will be able to stay in the country without the requirement of a work permit. This is also a great pathway for foreign workers to be able to build their lives in Canada while continuing to work for their employer.

We would like to invite you on our next recruitment mission to see first-hand the talent that you can bring to your organization. Our next trips, scheduled for Q1 2021, will be to Peru, Colombia and Ukraine.

We look forward to developing Northern Ontario, together!

For more information regarding the process of hiring a foreign worker, please visit:

About IVEY

IVEY Group is a world-class International Recruitment and Immigration specialist that offers expert advice and services related to attracting, integrating, and retaining the best international talents. Our purpose is to provide a reliable, supportive, and safe transition to trained international workers to a new career and life through global talent recruitment.