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Feb 24, 2021


Industry News

Comstock focuses on ‘climate smart mining’


VIRGINIA CITY — Comstock Mining Inc., a diversified precious and strategic metals production and processing company, has updated its plans for meeting the escalating demand for clean energy technologies.

“The company and our partners, including Mercury Clean-Up LLC, started with the deployment of new metals extraction and processing technologies that remediate soils and more efficiently extract and process gold at the company’s existing facilities and abroad and we have targeted new development projects that efficiently reprocess and renew silver and other strategic metals,” stated Comstock.

The shift to climate-smart mining started with technologies that target tailings, leach pads, and other mining wastes, in order to capture residual precious metals. The company’s partnerships, projects and technologies involve proprietary processes for remediating mercury and other metals from abandoned and leached mining sites and the surrounding eco-systems, while more efficiently extracting silver, gold and other strategic metals.

Corrado De Gasperis, Comstock’s executive chairman and chief executive officer, stated, “Our ongoing work with remote mercury recovery and gold extraction provides an immediate example of our approach. MCU’s mercury remediation equipment is currently deployed in the Philippines, with processing operations commencing this month. We have coordinated with the community, landed the equipment, assembled the team, and prepped for start-up. Our joint venture partners are collaborating to begin removing toxic mercury contamination from U.S. and international eco-systems, while efficiently extracting gold from contaminated and abandoned mining sites.”

Comstock plans to build and improve on these mineral and metal developments by introducing additional technologies that maximize recoveries from the company’s existing gold and silver resources in Nevada, as well as other conservation-based projects that the company and its partners plan on introducing in the coming months.

Comstock believes that its approach is especially timely and important. A recent report from the World Bank, entitled “Mineral Intensity of the Clean Energy Transition,” reported that the production of graphite, cobalt, lithium and many other strategic minerals and metals are expected to increase dramatically by 2050, as an estimated 3 billion tons of minerals and metals are used to deploy energy storage and renewable energy production projects.

“The world is becoming increasingly aware of the current risks and realities presented by climate change,” concluded De Gasperis. “A quantum surge of investment is expected in conservation-based energy storage and renewable energy projects worldwide. We cannot rely on conventional mining methods to meet critical mineral and metal needs and we are energized by these new opportunities, and the prospect of deploying these technologies to build shareholder value by meeting the increasing higher demand for these strategic, critical and precious metals.”