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Jan 14, 2020


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Beyond Digital Transformation 2020

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The BDT2020 conference this year is generating a lot of buzz and is happening in Sudbury February 5th and 6th. This is a conference put on by PACE in partnership with CIM. It is a conference you should participate in, both as a sponsor and by sending representatives. Why should you be there? First, the presentations are from senior mine operators so all of your biggest Clients will be there, presenting their latest technology and their plans for the future. I know I like to be there whenever I can to support my Clients. Secondly, there is ample opportunity for learning and for networking. And thirdly your sponsorship will help support some very worthy causes including the CIM Science North project to increase public awareness of our industry. In case you need a few other reasons, some of the speakers include Peter Xavier (Glencore), Dino Otranto  (Vale),  Fred Stanford (Torex), and Steve Dunlop (KGHM), and yours truly to name just a few. For sponsorship opportunities contact Neha Singh at

This year’s BDT2020 conference will switch gears with the theme “Data to Decisions”, offering a more practical or “down to earth” focus on how new innovations are applied. Data to Decisions will demonstrate how leveraging data in the hands of the right people (historical, real time, near-real time, or Predictive Analysis), and supporting the adoption of the right processes, through digital transformation or otherwise, has made a major shift in safety and productivity within mining operations.